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Sweltering heat leads to few spots available at Aldergrove waterslides

Demand is high as Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience Waterpark reopens from COVID-19 restrictions
Long lings were the norm at Aldergrove’s Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience Waterpark pre COVID-19 pandemic. (Aldergrove Star files)

Hot weather slated to rise into the 40 degree Celsius range has residents running for the pool, but some are claiming there isn’t a free space in sight.

Langley Township announced plans to re-open the Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience Waterpark in Aldergrove for registered sessions in mid-June following the easing of provincial COVID-19 restrictions.

A registration system was launched in order to limit the amount of people and adhere to social distancing requirements.

But users like Brittani Russell told The Aldergrove Star the system isn’t working.

“It’s been really hard as a single parent during the last year and a bit with the current lockdown measures,” Russell said.

Russell grew up in Aldergrove and is raising three daughters, who have been eagerly awaiting a trip to the local swimming pool.

“Now that registration has opened, myself, my mom, and even my brother have all tried time and time again to book,” Russell explained. “We’ve clicked register the second the clock says we can. None of us have been able to book one single session in the last three or four days.”

She said it’s been a bit frustrating and knows others in Aldergrove who have found the system difficult and expressed that it should only be locals from the community who are allowed to book.

People from out of town – all across the Lower Mainland – are free to book a space and visit the waterpark.

A spokesperson with the Township of Langley noted that due to COVID safety protocols, attendance limits are much less than usual.

“Our registration system is functional,” the Township assured. “Due to demand the sessions fill quickly upon being released. The increased session schedule and attendance limits should help alleviate this.”

Still, Russell said that growing up with amenities like Aldergrove Lake and a community swimming pool made water easier to access when she was younger.

“I am a parent and proud to see little Aldergrove growing, my kids are over the moon we have the coolest outdoor park in the valley, and we can’t even go,” she explained. “It’s about to be the biggest heat wave they’ve ever lived through, and I can’t even take them to our own pool in our own town we’ve been waiting for months to go to.”

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“Presently, there is a daily session on weekends while we ensure our protocols are safe and fully functional,” the Township representative explained. “Starting July 1 we are offering multiple sessions every day throughout summer and into early September, with the aim of increasing attendance limits as we move forward.”

Registration for swimming and workout sessions can be made at

Updates on all rec facilities, parks, and Township cultural centres can be found at

“Every town has so much for kids. Every town but Aldergrove. We’ve always had to leave our town for water spaces and now we have one and every other town comes here and takes our water fun time from us that we’ve so patiently waited for,” Russell said. “We should put Aldergrove kids first.”

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